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​A Story of Determination

Flashback: 2006

Two 16-year-olds, Alexey and Fabian, met at an apprenticeship for electronics technicians at the ETH. They were both intrigued by the same question: "Why do we hear about successful managers of technology companies, but not about the great engineers who help develop these marketable innovative technologies?" That was it! The duo decided to make their own company at some point in time.
They spent long hours toying with many ideas during their apprenticeship. And finally, they mutually decided to share a flat to save time and discuss ideas after work or studies.

Fast forward: 2015

Alexey joined a company developing electronics and, at around the same time,  Fabian started working with a coffee machine manufacturer. He identified the problems of heating liquids and started researching Ohmic Heating technology a potential solution.
Later, while continuing his education abroad as an exchange student from Zurich, Alexey came across the MassChallenge competition for early-stage startups/ideas. This led to a serious start for the idea of a start-up.


Overnight, Alexey and Fabian developed the entire business case, and by 2016 Alexey was back in Switzerland - experimenting along with Fabian on that dining table that survives to tell the tale of a startup.

2019 and beyond: The determined decision of two young men in 2006 manifested with the incorporation of InstaHeat AG.

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