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Revolutionizing instant heating of liquids 

No metal. No heating element. No burning!

With Ohmic heating, liquids can be heated directly, instantly, and precisely to the desired temperature.

InstaHeat generates heat within the fluid, ensuring energy conservation, heat loss elimination, burning and high maintenance costs. 


Headquartered in Zurich, InstaHeat is a technology-based start-up founded in 2019, aiming to revolutionize liquid heating systems, thereby eliminating heating elements, energy loss, and additional weight.

Our first working laboratory was our quintessential dining table which continues to be a beacon of encouragement by not burning down despite various experiment crashes and burns!


Our Solution

InstaHeat aims to replace liquid heating systems, which for over 1000 years have involved heating metal and bringing it in contact with the mass that needs to be heated, be it a kettle, a boiler, or a cooker...

We aim to revolutionize the heating of liquids and ensure complete energy conservation and efficiency with zero energy wastage.

Using our Ohmic heating technology:

  • Heat only when needed and eliminate energy losses

  • Install at the point of usage, keeping the appliance compact

  • Heat any desired liquid to the correct temperature for increased energy efficiency and conservation

  • No corrosion and calcification low maintenance costs

The Problem we Solve

corroded heating element.jpg

Significant drawbacks include: 

  • Lack of heat control and excessive heat generation

  • Depending on the structure of the house, a 20 - 40% loss of energy consumption

  • Calcification of the heating element, which reduces heating efficiency and results in colossal maintenance costs. 

Tech Ancor

How InstaHeat Works

Technical Details


Simply stated, InstaHeat's Ohmic Heating works by way of an electronic device that replaces the traditional metal heating equipment within an appliance, such as a kettle, coffee machine, etc.

By way of  InstaHeat, instead of bringing a hot metal part (susceptible to corrosion, damage, uncontrolled temperatures, and energy loss)  in contact with the liquid, an electrical current is directly applied to a liquid that flows in a tube. Hence, the liquid itself becomes the heating element. The applied electrical power is homogenously and instantaneously converted into heat within the liquid. And as long as the liquid conducts electricity, it will get hot! Be it water or milk. Not just that, the technology also heats the liquid precisely to any required temperature and simultaneously ensures that the heated liquid does not undergo molecular changes, splitting into its atomic elements. 

The result:  efficient and effective heating with zero energy waste.

Our Story

​A Story of Teen Determination

Flashback: 2006

Two16-year-olds, Alexey and Fabian, met at an apprenticeship for electronics technicians at the ETH. They were both intrigued by the same question: "Why do we hear about successful managers of technology companies, but not about the great engineers who help develop these marketable innovative technologies?" That was it! The duo decided to make their own company at some point in time.

They toyed with many ideas during their apprenticeship. Soon, Alexey went in for his Swiss military service, and Fabian went to study. The common decision was to share a flat to save time and discuss ideas after work or studies.


This flat is what later hosted the "quintessential dining table" that witnessed blasts, burns, and more!  

Fast forward: 2015

Alexey joined a company developing electronics and Fabian worked with a coffee machine manufacturer. He pinpointed the problems of heating liquids and started to research Ohmic Heating technology.  

After his Bachelor's degree, Alexey, while studying in Russia came across the MassChallenge competition for early-stage startups/ideas. This ad was the starting point of the idea of InstaHeat.



Overnight, Alexey and Fabian developed the entire business case, and by 2016 Alexey was back in Switzerland - experimenting along with Fabian on that dining table which survives to tell the tale of a startup - a manifestation of the determined decision made by two 16-year-old boys.

2022 and beyond: Here we are! Up and running!


The Team

Fabian Dietsch

InstaHeat Mastermind

Fabian Dietschi, the genius behind the InstaHeat technology.

"Our vision is to globally replace liquid heating systems with InstaHeat. With the ongoing energy crisis, the world needs actionable and effective change!"

The Business Go-Getter

Alexey Gromov, the electrical engineer who, together with industrial partner, brings InstaHeat to life.

"Our mission is to become the standard way of heating liquids, enabling smarter use of energy."


The MarCom Buzzer

Aradhna Sethi is a communication & marketing specialist who supports positive change. "Enabling your real connection with InstaHeat to impact the changing future of efficient energy patterns is my goal."

News Anchor


Awards and Faith through our Start-up Journey…

October 2016

Climate-Kic, Accelerator

Our first pitch – a massive

kick for us cofounders! And, we won our first cash prize of CHF 10,000.

February 2017

 Venture Kick, Accelerator

Just 4 months after our first win

– our confidence was boosted yet

again with the next award of CHF 10,000 that our Start-up received.

April 2017

SEIF, Support program

SEIF showed faith in our technology

and the idea of implementation.

We were supported by a mentor.

October 2017

 Zühlke Technology Workshop

This Support Package entailed

engineering support worth

CHF 20,000 for InstaHeat

November 2017

 ETH Entrepreneur Club, Award

The year ended with another cash award of CHF 8,000.


All of the above support and cash awards went into further development and perfection of the technology.

2018-2022 The BIG Hiatus from Awards and Recognitions: The realization of regulatory issues forced us to halt all of our start-up activities and participation in programs as we could not reflect a fast-paced growth… until the regulatory issues were sorted! And we actively sorted that out by being directly involved with the authorities and setting up new standards that we have patented.

June-October 2022:

MassChallange, Switzerland

This Accelerator Program provided

us with coaching, support and

networking opportunities with Swiss


August 2022: Züribox

We won great support from mentors

and a cash award of CHF10,000, too.

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