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Revolutionizing instant heating of liquids 

With InstaHeat's Ohmic heating-based industrial flow heater, liquids can be heated directly, instantly, and precisely to the desired temperature.

No metallic heating element. No burning!


Headquartered in Zurich, InstaHeat is a technology-based start-up founded in 2019 that is revolutionizing liquid heating systems.

Our Solution


Heating systems for over 1000 years have involved heating metal and bringing it in contact with the mass that needs to be heated, be it a kettle, a boiler, or a cooker... With our InstaHeat flow heater, we can revolutionize the heating of liquids with complete energy efficiency and minimal resource wastage.

Using our Ohmic heating technology-based Flow Heater...

  • Heat only when needed; eliminate energy losses
  • Install at the point of usage, keeping the appliance compact
  • Heat any  liquid precisely with increased time and energy efficiency
  • No corrosion; low maintenance

The problem we solve

Significant drawbacks of the conventional heating techniques used worldwide include:  
corroded heating element.jpg
  • Lack of heat control and excessive heat generation
  • Depending on the structure of the house or device being used, there is a 20 - 40% loss of energy.
  • Calcification of the heating element, reduces heating efficiency and results in colossal maintenance costs.
Tech Ancor


The InstaHeat industrial flow heater is based on the principle of ohmic heating.  According to this principle, two electrodes are placed in direct contact with the liquid to be heated. These electrodes guide the electrical current through the liquid. Due to the electrical resistance offered by the liquid, the current converts into heat instantaneously and homogeneously within the liquid itself.
Ohmic Principle.png

Our device replaces the traditional metal heating elements which are susceptible to scaling, damage, uncontrolled temperatures, and energy loss. The directly heated liquid itself becomes the hottest part of the system. This implies that heating milk from 5°C to 75°C instantly will not induce molecular changes and scalding. Similarly, heating water to any desired temperature will not result in calcification of the heating area.

The result:  efficient and effective heating of any liquid with zero energy and resource waste. 


The Team

Alexey Gromov
Co-founder and COO
Skilled electrical engineer, shaping InstaHeat with industrial partners: "Our mission is to become the standard way of heating liquids, enabling smarter use of energy."
Fabian Dietschi
Co-founder and CEO
The tech genius:  "Our vision is to globally replace liquid heating systems with InstaHeat. With the ongoing energy crisis, the world needs actionable and effective change."
Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 16_edited_edite
Aradhna Sethi
Dominic Meier
Product Development Engineer
Dominic Mösch
Development & Production Engineer

Supporting Partners

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